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Starting to Feel Better

Posted by Garnet-Frost - January 21st, 2021

I decided I'm going to come back online, but stick with Newgrounds for now. I am starting to feel better and decided I'm not going to let one person with the communication skills of a immature, egotistical, tumblr addicted teenage girl try to ruin this website for me. Besides sharing how I was treated by him with a couple of others has made me felt better and I have screenshots as extra protection. So I think it's best I cut this guy out even though I wanted to see him as a good person capable of communicating his problems or at least offer an explanation on what was wrong. Guess not and I'm at peace with that, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to have fun with it.

Edit: BTW, my Twitter page is currently locked due to once again the website exploding into drama and I'm simply tired of seeing very pretentious tweets/posts. I am trying to debate whether or not to make a completely new account and just post nothing, but art because quite frankly there's only two people I know so far on that website worth tolerating.

Another Edit: Might of came across a little harsh at the beginning, but this is personally how I feel.



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Thanks for the elaborate review response. :) And what an elaborate process behind the work too! I suppose I might not complain as much if I wasn't judging everything based off of how I perceive pixel art to be, usually blur has a smoothing effect too, with the latter in particular I guess just the text might've been nice with a bit more clarity, pixel particulars disconsidered.

Regarding the post here: good to hear you're feeling better. Thought I might find a hint as to who that bad egg might've been via the post you linked to but... probably better to not know fo sho. It's easy to get into a bad cycle if you let anything weigh on your mind too much. Best avoid and: fill a void with new forms of goodness!

NG's hopefully overall a decent place to be.

No problem and thing is I did wanted to expose him, but I felt too sorry for him. Dude thinks I'm doing it for attention when really I was legitimately upset at what he said to me out of nowhere with no explanation. What should I do? Hold it in how I feel until I explode? I'm going to try and move on from it and just focus on what I like doing and that would be drawing and writing.

That's a good way to feel too though. :) Easier to let go of negative emotions when you can turn a want for vengeance to more so empathy. Of sorts. Yeah vent away! That's what blogs are for after all. Good luck with all; looking forward to seeing more in the future!

I'm so glad you're feeling better! I regretted not asking you more so I could try to help any more, but I'm terrible at that anyway. For your own sake. It's better that you decided to just cut this person out. Don't give some dipshit that kind of hold over you. I know it can be hard to just ignore and not think about something, but they don't deserve to, as the kids say, live rent free in your head.
Always remember, too, be good to yourself. If you're ever feeling down, it's okay to take a few hours to step away and do something that makes you happy. You deserve it.

No criticism here. I like that you've taken the situation and not gone angry and hateful about it. Good job :)

Him and a couple of others are gaslighters, so it's best to move on from toxic people like that. I'm just not going to be able to forget how hypocritical and mean he actually is. It's almost like he faked his good behavior for the newcomers on this website, me included. But, hey, at least I get to warn others on what happened to me.

@HeartHeaDude @Garnet-Frost u are a good person. :)

Welcome back!

I’ll come clean and point out that the “one person” in this post is about me.

I sent a PM to Garnet calling her opinion worthless and her two-faced. I was in disbelief that she had a negative reaction to me reprimanding a guy telling someone else to commit suicide.

I sent that PM in response to a lengthy PM from an alt account (I blocked Garnet), which was about how I shouldn’t have done that, mixed with some stuff about my artwork which does grate on me.

Garnet, I called your opinion worthless because I thought you were standing up for a guy who I consider was definitively in the wrong. If you had an issue with me using the word “mature” when I am personally not an example of maturity, then I took your PM the wrong way and I’m sorry.

I dislike people worming up to me, so talking about me as an artist in a situation that’s not about art rubs me up the wrong way. I shouldn’t have called you two-faced, since instead you’re trying to be empathetic and personable with me.

Fundamentally, I don’t like you being upset about this for 2-months, since I feel like I’ve struck a low blow unintentionally. I don’t know the person I’m dealing with and I don’t want you to feel shit.

I think we struggle to communicate with each other; I do not know what you’ve had to go through in the past, and I know that I’m overly blunt and quick to anger. This is why I would prefer if we left each other alone and part as equals.

(I don’t normally write walls of text so:
TLDR: sorry for my treating you poorly)

I would never stand up for people like that man. I've experienced too many people like that online throughout the years to even find them worth defending. If you don't want to be around me anymore that's fine, but I'm happy you apologized. Thank you.

What happened?